EXTRAS for Muslin Backdrops

Grommeting Service
Order GROMMETS instead of a Hanging hem at top of any muslin - $2 per Grommet. Note: Keep in mind that backdrops require one extra grommet than the width may indicate. For example, when ordering grommets for a 10 foot wide backdrop placed every foot, order 11 grommets.

Add 3" Hem to Bottom
Order an additional 3" HEM sewn to the bottom of your muslin - useful for sliding a dowel through to weight the backdrop.
If needed, specify which backdrop to add Hem to in "Comments" box after clicking "Add to Cart."

Carrying Bags
Heavy-duty Drawstring bags are perfect for carrying/storing your muslin backgrounds or anything else you need to take on location. Available in Small, Medium and Large.
If you need more than one bag, click the "Continue Shopping" button after adding the first one to your cart.

Order Carrying Bags
(You'll be able to adjust Quantity if needed after clicking "Add to Cart.")